F.P.S. ensure compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines, which include:

  • Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994
  • Waste Management Regulations 1996
  • The Waste Management Duty of Care Code of Practice
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990

F.P.S. also ensure contractors' compliance with:

  • Waste Carriers Registration and Legislation
  • Collection and Disposal of Waste Regulations 1988
  • Special Waste Regulations
  • Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991
  • Control of Pollution Regulations
  • Health & Safety Legislation

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In recent years, increased concern regarding business practices and environmental consciousness has prompted more extensive legislation. This ensures more control of industries, and helps to regulate work practices and decrease negative effects on our ecology.

As well as providing a professional and efficient service, we at F.P.S. are aware of current legislation relating to our industry, and take care to adhere to the guidelines. In addition, we ensure that all contractors we use hold relevant licenses, are registered with relevant bodies, and work within government legislation.

By providing our assurance that we are aware of and operate within set legislation and environmental guidelines, your company, shareholders and customers can be sure that your waste is being dealt with legally and with limited environmental impact.